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This policy related to the guidance contained within the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) 
As an employer, The Maid and Trade Company are required to collect a range of personal date involving safer recruitment and ongoing activities during the course of your employment, to this end we both contract and process relevant data and ensure our management of date is compliant with the regulations. Historically, The Maid and Trade Company has collated date under the auspices of the GDPR the, Data Protection Act 1998, but as of the 25ht May 2018, control and processing all personal data will fall under. 


The Maid and Trade Company will take responsibilities very seriously in relation to our role as both Data Controllers and Data Processors of information relation to our Employees and others. We are required by law to inform you about the personal data we hold about you, how and why we use it and the safeguards in place to protect the information. 

What is Personal Data and what sort of personal Data do we hold?
The information we hold about you relates to an identified or identifiable living person, which is defiends as Personal Data.  
The policy refers to the personal data we hold about our Employees and for the purpose of this statement will be referral to as the Data Subjects. The Personal Data that we hold, collect, use, share and store in relation to Data Subjects may include the following;

Personal Photo
DBS Certificate No, Date of Issue
Application Form
Health Declaration 
Sickness/Medical Information 
Interview Letter
Offer Letter
Contract of Employment
UK Docs
Confidentially Agreement 
Pension Information 
Bank Mandate
Road Tax
Driving Licence 
MOT Certificate
Car/Van Insurance 
Mileage Claims 
Disciplinary Notes
Performance Meetings
Grievance Notes 
Training Records 

Why do we need to hold Date and how do we use it?

Collecting Personal Data is critical to our role as an employer with regard to our commitments under the current EU Employment Legislation and Regulation. Whilst the UK has indicated its intention to withdraw from the European Union, the UK Government has stated its intention to enshrine these regulations under future legislation. 

The new legislation requires us to satisfy at least one prescribed legal basis for the processing of date. In processing Employee related data we utilise at least one or more of the following;

1.A Contract with the Individual: For example to fulfil an obligation under for example an Employee Contract. 
2.Compliance with a legal obligation: When processing date for a particular purpose is a legal requirement. 
3.Vital Interest: For example, when processing data will protect someone’s physical integrity or life (Either the data subjects or some else’s) 
4.A public task: For example, to complete official functions or tasks in the public interest. This will typically cover the public authorities such as government departments, schools, and other education institutions, hospitals and the police
5.Legitimate interests:  when a private sector organisation has a genuine and legitimate reason (including commercial benefit) to process personal data without consent, provided it is not outweighed by negative effects to the individuals rights and freedoms. 
6.Consent: The GDPR is emphatic about the need to pursue consent as a legal basis. Given that consent must be based upon a genuine course of decision making for individuals together with the right of withdrawing consent this is rarely used for issues such as employment contracts. 
With regard to hoe we use your data, this can involve one or more of the following. 

ID Purposes
Pre Recruitment Shortlisting 
To determine your fitness for job role
Investigation purposes
Accurate Payroll 
Employment Support 
To determine the workforce’s skill base and future needs

How do we store information?

The Maid and Trade Company has strict measure in place to ensure Subject Data is maintained and stored safely. 
This refers to both hard information such as paper-based data help in personal files as well as electronic held on computer data bases. 
This includes storing information in locked, secure placement with restricted access, ensuring electronic data is encrypted and secure. 
How long can we hold Subject Date?

Subject Data, cannot be held indefinitely unless there is a legitimate or compelling reason to do so. Some Subject date is requiring for immediate reasons and once utilised can be safely dispose of whilst other data is required to be held for varying lengths. 

Sharing your Data

Whilst subject data will be kept confident from time to time we need to share certain aspects of your data with our clients/organisations. The nature of data shared will depend upon circumstances of requests for information and this may include the following. 
DBS Information 
Reference Data
Inland Revenue, Pension Scheme, Payroll, Accounts, Book-Keepers
Training Providers
Medical Practitioners/Occupational Health 

As a justification for sharing data The Maid and Trade Company have a legitimate interest in obtaining and holding, storing and sharing this information with other organisations/clients as described above. In some circumstances, such as pre-employment data obtained during this stage of the recruitment process we will use your consent which is requested as the end of this policy. 


The basis for obtaining, processing, storing and sharing your data is Outlined about under 1. Contracts and 5. Legitimate Interests. Consent (6.) to process your data would only be relevant for information you supply at the pre-recruitment stage, sus an enquiry email, CV or letter. You have the right to actively consent to The Maid and Trade Company’s using such data for the processing purposes to actively op out of this data being processed.  

Clients and Suppliers of The Maid and Trade Company 

We will require process customer information which includes their address, contact information (including key contacts, telephone numbers, and emails), site specific information etc. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. We have put in place company procedures to ensure that your information is held securely and safeguarded at all times and deleted within an agreed timescale 
We may occasionally send out promotional literature or information on new services or products which we think you may find interesting. We may also send out information on changes in legislation which may affect the services we, or our sub-contractors provide to our customers. We may contact you by e-mail or if you utilise the Twitter page via our website, we will also provide information at periodic intervals.